Here’s the film on Muslim radicalism from Dutch filmmaker Geert Wilders. “Fitna” is quite disturbing, so don’t watch it if you’re trying to have an uplifting morning.

My quibbles: It essentializes all Muslims — many followers of Islam do not subscribe to these radical beliefs. The film quotes parts of the Koran with violent passages, but I think you can find portions of the Bible that are just as violent. Like with any religion, you take what you need and you leave this rest.

The film is also clearly anti-Muslim immigration — I don’t think the solution to any problem is the exclusion of a certain type of people.

But, the film also clearly shows that a group of people — including (most sadly) a three and a half year old girl — are being inculcated with hatred of non-Muslims. This is a fact, and it’s a real problem. I wish I had a solution.

(Hattip: Instapundit)