Here’s a funny post from somebody’s Facebook page:

im in a coffee shop called pj’s. it blows. i don’t know why i come here. it is always empty. maybe it reminds me of myself. or maybe i want to give it business since the starbuck’s down the street is schooling it in latte sales. the inside is mostly dark red, with shiny concrete floors. it usually smells like a coffee shop. at the moment there is one other customer in here with me. he is on his cellular tele and he just finished his iced frazzle dazzle berry brilliant tea. he’s wearing a jean shirt. remind me never to wear a jean shirt. he just went into the bathroom. what do you think, number one or two? oh, number one, that was quick. and he’s gone. oh well. goodbye man in the blue jean shirt. i hate goodbyes.

That strikes me as quite funny — not sure why. Anyhoo, his name is Thomas J. Flynn — so if he ever Googles his name, he’ll find this post.

Hello, Thomas J. Flynn!