People get ready:

With the switch to all-digital television exactly a year away, vouchers to defray the cost of converter boxes necessary to keep older sets working will begin hitting the mail this week – and officials are urging people to request them early, as they are going fast.

The federal government is offering each family up to two $40 vouchers to purchase the boxes, which will translate digital broadcast signals so they can be viewed on analog TVs.

But the number of requests for the vouchers has been higher than predicted, raising concerns that the $1.5 billion set aside by the government might not be enough to meet consumer demand.

I just applied for two digital-converter box vouchers. Here’s the link.

I’m very excited about digital TV. I’m hoping that the networks start broadcasting more channels after making the switch to digital. (There’ll be a lot more room on the spectrum.) I’d cancel Cable TV if NBC started broadcasting Sci-Fi and Bravo.