Another ethical lapse from Big Media:

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller and Teddy Davis claimed on Feb. 19 that the story of Obama borrowing Patrick’s “just words” line was “first reported by ABC News’ Jake Tapper.” Not true! The story of Obama borrowing Patrick’s “just words” line was first reported by Scott Helman of the Boston Globe in April 2007.

ABC News’ attempt to claim credit for breaking this bogus plagiarism story is, if anything, a greater moral offense than Obama’s bogus plagiarism itself (though both ethical breaches are measured in microns). After all, ABC News is claiming affirmatively that it broke the plagiarism story. Obama, though he borrowed Patrick’s words (just as, on previous occasions, Patrick has borrowed his) never claimed affirmatively that he invented them. Or rather, that his campaign staff invented them, though here things get a little complicated because the line was probably fed to both Patrick and Obama by the political strategist, David Axelrod, who has worked for both of them.