From time to time I receive a submission from my editing Web site. I don’t advertise it anymore, but people stumble upon it from time to time. If you search for corporate editing, for instance, Oxford Editing pops up.

Anyhoo, tonight I had a submission in my inbox. A little excited, I opened the file. Here’s all the text that I found:

Katwijk is where you are raised and it is like Kobe near the sea.

Last year, there are much grieve in my heart and year 2008, I have got 200% of freedom.

I have a plan to study in Europe but anyone else know the plan. Probably, people work for the UK embassy and Swiss embassy know I leave for Europe soon. It is my life.

I work for deaf, blind, and developmentally delayed children.

If you could watch those movie trailers, you can understand into my soul.

Yeah, I don’t have any idea either.