Funny story from a 7th-grade basketball player writing for the grassroots paper, MyMissourian:

Then, disaster struck in the 3rd quarter. I had noticed that the refs were calling pretty tough. But I hadn’t really paid attention to the amount of fouls I had racked up. Suddenly, after a valiant effort on my part to stop a fast break executed by their best player, the ref stated, ‘Number 5, you’ve fouled out,’ and held up 5 fingers to prove his point. But that wasn’t the worst part. I looked up at his outstretched hand, and for some reason started to try and give him a high five! Halfway through the action, I realized what I was doing, lowered my hand, and jogged over to the bench, tears of humiliation in my eyes. I had gotten over it by the end of the game (we won), but the ref just had to bring it up again. When I was walking over to thank the refs, he said, “Give me a high five”. As if I wasn’t embarrassed enough! I gave a half-hearted high five and then hurried out to my car.

I’m applying for a grant to start a Web-based newspaper in Dunwoody for my students. This MyMissourian paper is a great one to emulate.