Great journalism from my local paper:

Retired Fulton Superior Court Clerk Juanita Hicks won a controversial consulting contract from her handpicked successor last year in part to write a history of the clerk’s office.

“She is interested in history and so am I,” Clerk Cathlene “Tina” Robinson said in August while explaining the unusual assignment.

Now that Hicks’ contract has ended, no tangible work product exists.

In fact, Hicks left no written work behind as proof she completed any of the obscure duties that Robinson paid her $55 an hour to perform, said Willie Lovett, a county attorney who represents the clerk’s office.

The 10-month contract, which ended in December, allowed Hicks to bill up to $97,000. She came in under budget at $73,922, according to county figures.

In response to a recent open-record request from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Robinson was unable to produce any memos, e-mails, documents or correspondence on any topic by Hicks.

Hicks retires. Robinson replaces her. Robinson gives Hicks nearly $80,000. Hicks can’t prove that she did any work.