If you can spare 10 minutes or so, click on this link and listen to the NPR report on “The Lone Ranger.” Very good radio. Here’s an excerpt about the radio serial’s beginnings:

Striker [the creator] started writing. And over the course of a dozen episodes, a character took shape: an expert rider, a marksman who never shot to kill, a paragon of virtue.

Gary Hoppenstand, an American Studies professor and editor of the scholarly Journal of Popular Culture, ranks the Lone Ranger among a handful of important iconic figures in American popular culture. He’s a vigilante lawman who protects the criminal justice system by working outside it — a hero made for radio audiences of the Great Depression.

At the end, the original radio announcer does an impromptu rendition of the opening credits complete with the William Tell Overture in the background. Sure to produce a smile.

UPDATE: In my Communication Ethics class, we’ve been asked to bring in a moral code worthy of daily living. I’ll be bringing in the Lone Ranger’s creed.