Great interview with Bono in Rolling Stone. He’s the odd celebrity who actually has a well-thought-out opinion on most issues. After disagreeing with most of the post-9/11 response from the Bush Administration, he had this to say:

I want to be very, very clear, however: I understand and agree with the analysis of the problem. There is an imminent threat. It manifested itself on 9/11. It’s real and grave. It is as serious a threat as Stalinism and National Socialism were. Let’s not pretend it isn’t.

I think people as reasoned as Tony Blair looked at the world and didn’t want to be Neville Chamberlain, who came back from meeting with Hitler with a piece of paper saying “peace in our time,” while Hitler was planning to cross the channel from France.

Don’t hear many celebrities being that clear. Keep reading the interview. He brings an interesting perspective to the problems in Iraq because of the Ireland occupation.

Hattips: Instapundit and Tim Blair.