Interesting WSJ article on a Hong Kong newspaper that’s pushing the boundaries of free speech in China.

Late last month, Hong Kong media magnate Jimmy Lai’s reporters were among the first in the world to sneak into tightly controlled Myanmar to cover brutal crackdowns on antigovernment demonstrators. His Apple Daily newspaper ran their stories and photos of bloodied monks on the front page for three days, and pointed the finger at China to stop the violence.

The next week, Apple’s cover moved onto other priorities: A British teenager’s belly-button ring had gotten lodged inside her body, and Apple had front-page photos, diagrams and interviews with local starlets about their own belly-button rings.

Mr. Lai, long a combative agitator for press and political freedoms in China, has remade Hong Kong’s media landscape by pairing two unlikely subjects — democracy and sex. His Next Media Inc. publications frequently provoke Beijing and have stoked antigovernment rallies in Hong Kong, in political reports often interspersed with racy photos or consumer reviews of local strip clubs and saunas.

The Journal translated two front pages from the paper. Very interesting. The first pages shows pictures of the Burma crackdown that I’ve seen nowhere else.