Great investigative article from USA Today:

Lynn Brewer, author of Confessions of an Enron Executive: A Whistleblower’s Story, has become a globally known authority on what went wrong at Enron. Since 2002, she has given close to 200 speeches around the world. At $13,000 per appearance, she has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for her company, The Integrity Institute. In her presentations, Brewer recounts the wrongs she witnessed at Enron — a company that grossly overstated its earnings and collapsed into bankruptcy six years ago — and exhorts her listeners to act ethically in all of their dealings.

In recognition of her bravery in speaking out as a whistle-blower, the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, is featuring Brewer in an exhibition devoted to freedom of speech.

A salute from the people who give out the Nobel Peace Prize is a heady achievement, but what makes Brewer’s story truly remarkable is that she appears to have fabricated significant portions of her tale, starting with whether she was ever an Enron ‘executive’ and extending to her claims of being a ‘whistle-blower.’

Instead, a USA TODAY investigation, involving interviews with two dozen former colleagues, reveals Brewer to be an astute self-promoter who parlayed an undistinguished 32-month stint as an Enron employee into a lucrative career in the corporate ethics industry. She appears to have succeeded by modeling herself after another woman regarded as an Enron whistle-blower, Sherron Watkins.”

Take the time to read the whole thing — the reporter really did a great job interviewing everyone who knew her to establish the fact that she’s really full of crap.