Apparently radical feminist bra-burning rallies in the 60s are just a myth:

The infamous bra-trashing demonstration that gave birth to the myth was part of a 1968 protest of the Miss America pageant.

Jacqui Ceballos, 82, of Fort Lauderdale, was there. The president of Veteran Feminists of America remembers that sunny day in September when she boarded a bus in New York City bound for Atlantic City, N.J.

‘The radical women were starting up all over the country,’ Ceballos told me in a phone conversation last week, and you could still hear the excitement in her voice. ‘All the buses were lined up. We sang all the way there.’

The women, a few hundred strong, gathered on the Boardwalk to protest the pageant, which they felt was demeaning to women.

‘We started demonstrating, and our plan was to burn bras and other items, but it was against the law.’

Even more surprising is that an organization called Women In Media & News keeps an eye on media outlets who report the bra-burning myth as fact.

Who knew?