Here’s a couple of early graphs from a NY Times story in June:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced Tuesday that he was dropping his Republican affiliation, a step that could clear the way for him to make an independent bid for the presidency…

… Even as Mr. Bloomberg continues to say that he has no plans to run for president, his announcement has set off a storm of interest in political circles across the country, where it is being viewed as a signal of his serious contemplation of a campaign. His ability to self-finance a campaign presents him with obvious advantages, including the option of delaying even until next year a decision on whether to run.

Here’s what Bloomberg said in an interview today:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Sunday he never considered running for U.S. president and any suggestion he had was concocted by the press.

Bloomberg was at the centre of speculation earlier this year when he left the Republican Party that he planned an independent bid for the presidency in 2008, although he denied it.

Asked if he had ever toyed with the idea, Bloomberg told reporters in this northern English seaside resort: “I did not, the newspapers toyed with that … I’m on record as always saying I was not a candidate for higher, any other office.”

That’s what passes for good journalism these days — complete and utter speculation.

All the news, fit to print optional.