Good read on political campaigns and YouTube:

For months, the presidential wannabes have been churning out serious, talking-to-the-camera videos for YouTube. So far, viewers prefer the spontaneous, unauthorized, less flattering fare.

Traffic on YouTube related to the 2008 presidential race spiked in March and April, largely on two unofficial, critical videos, one about Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, the other about Republican John McCain, according to a study of YouTube traffic by Nielsen/Net Ratings.

An anti-Clinton “1984” video, in which the New York senator is portrayed as a Big Brother-ish figure, accounted for about 75% of all traffic to candidate-related videos on YouTube in March, Nielsen found.

A month later, a video of Mr. McCain, the Arizona senator, joking about bombing Iran to the tune of the Beach Boys classic “Barbara Ann,” helped him attract more than twice as many visitors on YouTube than his Republican rivals.

Here are the videos: