Good summation from Instapundit on Tony Blair’s legacy:

I was never a fan of Blair in general, and before 9/11 would have been delighted to see him go. I’ve never liked the soft totalitarianism that Labour has championed, and to a large degree implemented, in Britain: Cameras everywhere, political correctness, gun confiscation — and yet a diminished ability to actually maintain public order.

On the other hand — and it’s a big other hand — I did, along with many others, value Blair’s clarity on the subject of Islamic terror, and his pro-American sentiments, which were the exception rather than the rule in Old Europe. Blair was a beacon in that regard, and we needed him I’ll miss that, but honestly we’re short of clarity on this side of the Atlantic, too. And I suspect we’ll wind up missing that even more than Tony Blair’s.

War on Terrorwise, he was the right guy at the right time.