Here’s an essay from Bo Lozoff. He runs a prison outreach program and writes on spirituality. His book “It’s a Meaningful Life” is a great read with lots of kernels of wisdom for good living.

In his recent newsletter, he takes a big swipe at “The Secret.” I found that his criticisms of the movement (popularized recently by Oprah) resonate with me. Here’s a good excerpt:

But The Secret did not arise in a vacuum. It’s just the latest descent of pop-spirituality into a materialistic, self-centered new theology truly similar to Satanism, that seems to be taking hold in many churches, spiritual centers and households. It’s a theology of “Me First;” a theology of entitlement (“I deserve everything good in life and I should not have to struggle for it); a theology of disconnection from our influence on others and their influence on us; a theology where modesty and sacrifice are seen as unhealthy and pride and vanity are seen as essential.

Most of all, it is a theology of “prosperity and abundance” where lip service is paid to words like peace and joy, but the bottom line is GETTING RICH, no two ways about it. In fact, even gratitude and forgiveness are explained merely as strategies to attract more success into your life. It’s always about you. I’m sorry, that’s just not deep religion.

Well said. Take the time to read the rest.