Good column in the WSJ from Peggy Noonan on the lack of inspiring presidential candidates. She opines:

So what’s going on here? “Can’t nobody here play this game?” The presidency is an august office. Why are these candidates acting so small when the job they think they deserve is so big.

Maybe it’s just that people have less dignity these days, and so candidates do too. A few decades ago personal dignity became equated with stiffness and pretension. There was nothing in it for politicians anymore. (It all might have started in 1968, when Richard Nixon went on “Laugh-In” and said, “Sock it to me.” But that worked because he had actual personal dignity to spoof.) Maybe we’ve reached the point where anyone who’d run for president is almost definitionally strange. Maybe it’s that the candidates so far are just the kind of people who’d make it to the top of the greasy pole, scramblers by nature whose main talent is energy, not judgment.

Yes, the current crop of candidates do collectively underwhelm.

That’s why I’ve become convinced that our next president will be Fred Thompson. A former Senator and — more importantaly — an actor, Thompson easily embodies all the idealistic charactertics of a sitting president. He’s great on “Law & Order” and didn’t he play an admiral or something similarly official in “Hunt for Red October”? A draft Thompson movement is already afoot.

Laugh if you’d like, but this country loves to elect actors for higher office.