This column sums up my feelings on the subject:

We live in a world in which oral sex is now second base.
In which girls dress like porn stars.

In which the kids you see at the airport this weekend heading for spring break will wind up topless in Girls Gone Wild, Fort Lauderdale ’07 videos.

Are you cool with this?

Frustrated American Christians aren’t. They want girls to sign purity pledges in which they promise to stay virgins.

They’re against mandatory immunization of girls against sexually-transmitted viruses that cause cervical cancer because they’re afraid it’ll encourage promiscuity.

These are heavy-handed solutions. But I understand the impetus behind them.

Rampant slut culture is making everyone crazy.

Yeah. When did dressing like a stripper become female empowerment? Why does my seven-year-old daughter need to buy clothing with words written on the ass? Why do little girls play with toys that stress the importance of “how hot you look”? At the risk of sounding too much like my grandfather — what is the world coming to?

Read the whole column — perhaps this pendulum will start to swing back to the center.