Here’s an interesting idea posed in an Editor and Publisher column:

My suggestion for publishers, editors and news managers dealing daily with the cost-cutting that plagues newsrooms around the country is to fire someone.

But don’t fire a reporter, copy editor, or a photog. What I’m proposing might not win me any friends at the major wire services. I’m certainly not going to win any popularity contests. But allow me to get a few points across before stoning me to death.

I’m suggesting you sack your wire service. That’s right — fire your wire service. Eliminate wire copy from your paper.

Here’s why: Wire service copy has become a commodity that is sent around the globe via the Internet at blistering speed. Wire is accessible through Yahoo!, Google, or any number of Web sites. By the time your valued local newspaper reader gets a copy of your paper, the news could be a day old.

A newspaper with no national or international news? Seems like heresy. But, wire reports are a dime a dozen these days.

But if the (unwritten) duty of a newspaper is too alert readers to stories they might not care about on their own, then I don’t see how wire service can be eliminated.