Here’s an interesting article about a local government creating its own media outlet:

Setting the Record Straight, which can be viewed at, launched Jan. 29. Pappa said he’d been considering the page for a while. When at least three media outlets misreported a story on the county’s budget, and didn’t correct the mistakes, he felt compelled to “set the record straight.”

“In an ideal world,” said Pappa, “reporters would never make mistakes. Publishers and broadcasters would always air correct information, and when they made mistakes they’d correct them. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to do these kinds of things. But we’re dealing with people and people aren’t perfect.

“We’re just adding our voice to the marketplace of ideas.”

Obviously, the county Web site won’t command the same audience as the daily paper or television station. But, you can bet the local media will keep an eye on the site — maybe it’ll help improve their accuracy.