For the last few days I’ve been reading letters to the editor in my local paper about a great article that ran last week in the sports section. Several readers have said it was the most inspiring, heart-warming story they’ve ever read.

I decided to go back and read this story, and the readers were right. Here’s the first few graphs:

In a noisy moment at Banneker High’s homecoming pep rally, coach Benny Crane felt a tug on his sleeve. It was not a yank, but a slight pull, enough to get his attention. He turned and glanced down into the excited yet concerned eyes of Gerard Robinson.

At 5-foot-3, Robinson is shorter than most of his classmates, but his audacity and charisma elevate his stature. As Coach Crane bent over to listen, he could see Robinson’s mouth quiver.

The 17-year-old had a question: Would his name be called out with all the football players?
Although Robinson was not officially part of the team, Coach Crane assured him with a nod, a smile and a hand on the shoulder. Yes.

And as the look in Robinson’s eyes shifted to sheer joy, another notion entered the coach’s heart. Maybe there was something even greater he could do for this unlikeliest of football players.

Click here to read the rest (you may have to register, sorry.) Your eyes won’t be dry by the time you get to the end.