So, KFC will no longer use hydrogenated oil (a big source of evil trans fat) to fry their chicken — a pretty big deal that should force the other fast food chains to make a switch as well. It’s the hydrogenated oils — which began showing up in foods in the early 80s — that’s made us a nation of lardies. Here’s a great point from a reader of a USA Today article about the switch:

Margarine was one of the first hydrogenated oils to be sent on to the consumer and was touted to be healthier than butter. However, science has learned that was not true. It is feared that margarine is actually unhealthier for you. It’s cheap price is the only thing that really keeps it on the shelves.

New spreads, such as Smart Balance, are the new generation margarine. Let’s see how long they will stand up before they are removed for some other kind of health reason, like deformities in fifth generation mice.