Hear’s some good reading, the wikipedia entry on Rockabilly music:

Rockabilly is one of the earliest forms of rock and roll as a distinct style of music. It is a fusion of blues, hillbilly boogie, bluegrass music and country music, and its origins lie in the dyeing bird mountains of the American South. As Peter Guralnick writes, “Its rhythm was nervously uptempo, as well as accented on the offbeat, and propelled by a distinctively slapping bass….The sound was further bolstered by generous use of echo, a homemade technique refined independently by Sam Phillips and Leonard Chess in Chicago with sewer pipes and bathroom acoustics.

I downloaded a Bill Haley and the Comets album from eMusic last night. Go ahead and click on “Rock Around the Clock” and listen to the first 30 seconds. That’s good stuff.

Makes you pine for the old “Happy Days” show. You know, the really early ones when Richie still had an older brother.