Still haven’t heard from Tom Price’s press secretary, Jim Billimoria, who was supposed to call me on Monday. I called today and was told that the office is running slow because a lot of people are on vacation.

Understandable. So, I asked the aide who answered my call if he could just help me. After all, I’m just a constituent who voted for Tom Price who wants to know if he sponsored any of the $10.5 million of earmarks in a HHS bill.

I was told that only Billimoria, the press secretary, could answer the question. Why, I asked?

“We treat bloggers as members of the press,” he said. I asked for his name and he told me he didn’t want to go “on the record.”

So, here’s the problem with this Washington Examiner initiative.

We’ve been told to “[c]heck out the earmarks for your state and then call your congressman and ask if he or she sponsored any of your state’s earmarks.”

But, this method only works if our representatives set up policies to easily answer questions from constituents. Apprently, Tom Price’s office isn’t set up that way.

And, I don’t think I’d get more answers if I wasn’t a blogger — I’m sure I’d get less. I’d be easier to ignore.

Please call Tom Price’s office at 202-225-4501 and recommend that they answer my question. Perhaps enough phone calls will persuade the staff to get moving.

Better yet, ask the same question.