Made a little progress on the boat this weekend but still don’t have a battery charger for the camera. Should have one by next weekend.

I’m going to start teaching journalism tomorrow. I took a position as a part-time instructor for two night courses at a two-year college. I’ll be covering “Intro to Mass Media” and “Intro to News Writing.” I figure I’ll be telling the students a lot of what I blog about here. So, this shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

Also, I saw “Lady in the Water” last night. Don’t believe the hype — it’s a good movie. Its extremely negative reviews stem from the fact that most film reviewers are jaded skeptics who don’t like any films that carry themes of hope and providence. It wasn’t as good as “Signs” or “The Sixth Sense,” but it was definitely a good movie. Go see it. Another good Paul Giamatti vehicle.