Attached the keel to the frames and the stem today. Doesn’t seem like much, but it was a lot of work. I also had to notch out holes in the frames to get the keel to sit in properly. I pored over the plans for about an hour to make sure I was doing it right. Very frightening taking a chisel to a piece from a $500 boat kit.

Here’s one of my notches. That’s the keel sitting in it.

By the way, that front portion of the boat that spans from the keel to the breasthook is called the “stem.” Yesterday, I called it a “stern.” I thought that’s what the plans said, plus stern sounds all nautical and whatnot. But, “stern” refers to the rear part of a ship. A “stem” is the front part of a boat. I’m always learning.

Here’s my keel where it now hits the stem. I had to use that clamp and some vice grips to bend it into that spot. The keel is a section of that oak wood with a plywood lamination on the bottom. It’s attached using boat nails and, of course, my plastic resin glue.

I’ll post more photos next weekend.