As promised, here’s a picture of the boat so far. OK, none of this is actually “the boat.” This is just the boat frame upon which I will build the boat.

I know, it doesn’t look like much — but don’t forget it’s bolted to the floor and perfectly square and level. And look at that 12-degree angle at the aft of the boat frame. Oh, yes — 12 degrees.

I just found out that the lumber yard where all my wood is sitting isn’t open on the weekends. So now I’ve got to figure out how to get over there before 5 o’clock tomorrow — if I want to be working on the boat this weekend.

My “plastic resin glue” arrived today. I ordered it off the Internet, of course, from Hardware World.

According to this map, it should only take me 25 minutes. But on a Friday afternoon in Atlanta, I might need to allow for a little more time.