Made some good progress on the boat this weekend. (I’ll post pictures later in the week; awaiting a new camera battery.)

I set up the entire boat frame on which to build the boat. Sounds easy, but it involved drilling holes and attaching the frame to my concrete floor using cool “expansion bolts.”

Unfortunately, I got a little medieval with the hammer and damaged the tops of the bolts. So, I had to hacksaw of their muffed-up lids so that I could screw the nut on. That took me about an hour — including the drive to the hardware store to get a new hacksaw blade.

After that, I just had to put the frame together. That sounds easy too, but I had to set up the back two members with a perfect 12-degree angle because that’s the slant of the back of the boat (a.k.a. the transom.) Also, the entire structure (about 9 different pieces) had to be level and square. So that took about 4 hours.

I would have done more, but I didn’t realize that Home Depot doesn’t stock the fancy wood I need. Gotta go to a real lumber yard to pick up a few pieces of oak or mahogany — for the keel and chine logs. I now know what a chine log is, by the way, but I’m still a little fuzzy on battens.) I also need some super strong “plastic resin glue” that they just don’t sell at Home Depot.

Hopefully I’ll have both by next weekend.