This company wants to provide free, advertising supported broadband wireless service:

The M2Z network would provide 384K bps (bits per second) of data downstream and 128K bps upstream for free, supported by advertising, and offer higher speeds to paying subscribers, according to the filing. Within 10 years of the start of service, the network could be built out to reach 95 percent of the country’s population, it said. Customer devices for accessing the network would cost no more than US$250 in the beginning, and prices would go down over time through economies of scale, M2Z predicts.

The company, started by former FCC wireless chief John Muleta and @Home Networks founder Milo Medin, aims to help meet the agency’s goal of giving all Americans affordable access to broadband with no cost to taxpayers. In its filing, M2Z compares itself to early radio and TV broadcasters that were granted spectrum by the FCC to provide free over-the-air broadcasting. In order to offer a family-oriented service, M2Z would build in filters to protect children from pornographic or other indecent content on the free service. In addition, public safety agencies would get an interoperable secondary data network.

Seems like a great idea.