Once again, an informative post from Michael Yon. A friend of his is embedded with the Canadians in Afghanistan:

The Canadians are fighting more and more although few people seem to notice. Hopefully, Bill can help change that. No matter what anyone says, the Afghanistan I just left is easily as dangerous as the Iraq I spent almost a year in. But whereas we are beating back the enemies and winning in Iraq, the enemies in Afghanistan are getting stronger as the seconds tick. We need to listen to our military experts and to our young soldiers, too. Like Ernie Pyle once noted, nobody is more plainspoken than combat soldiers. The ones I met in Afghanistan call that the “forgotten war” but unless things change dramatically, 2007 will be a year everyone remembers in Afghanistan.

He’s coming back to the States to write a book on the Battle of Mosul. Of the battle he says, “Our folks did an incredible job there — and that’s why we don’t see or hear much about Mosul in the news.”