I’m a big fan of estate sales.

Now, estate sales are quite different from garage sales which are just clearinghouses of junk nobody wants. Estate sales — although far more morbid — contain a much better selection of useful goods. Estate sales are held by a family after a loved one dies. All the stuff in their house has to go somewhere, so the family holds an estate sale. Look, there’s even a wikipedia entry on estate sales.

Here’s my latest find from an estate sale:

I got this giant metal set of drawers for my garage. Great storage space, but the drawers were pre-filled with incredibly usefull stuff. Check it out:

And that’s just two drawers! The other six are filled with tape, sandpaper, twine, hooks, nails, screws, washers, and paint brushes. I’ll never go to Home Depot again!

If you ever see a sign for an estate sale, pull over.