I shouldn’t let the passing of Louis Rukeyser go without mention. I came late to Rukeyser’s genius, only discovering his show at the same time I became interested in the stock market — around the fall of 2000. In hindsight, an incredibly ironic bit of timing on my part.

Despite the stock market’s woes, I was a faithful watcher of Loo-Roo for the next couple of years. Rukeyser’s delivery was always entertaining and informative. And, he had the driest sense of humor on the planet. He will be missed.

Here’s a good bit from the NY Times obituary:

…[Rukeyser] could be openly contemptuous of professional investors, a sentiment many of them warmly reciprocated. Mr. Rukeyser reserved his most withering scorn for the “gloomy Guses” and “Wrong-Way Corrigans” who warned of financial troubles that, during the prosperous 1990’s, never transpired.

Unfortunately, the Times article fails to capture his great wit. Here’s hoping the Economist honors him with an obituary later this week.