Wow. Read this post from The Belmont Club. It calls attention to Barry McCaffrey’s report on his recent trip to Iraq. Here’s a good chunk:

The point of the US war effort is to create legitimate and competent Iraqi national, provincial, and municipal governance. We are at a turning point in the coming six months. The momentum is now clearly with the Iraqi Government and the Coalition Security Forces. The Sunnis are coming into the political process. They will vote in December. Unlike the Balkans—the Iraqis want this to succeed. Foreign fighters are an enormously lethal threat to the Iraqi civilian population, the ISF, and Coalition Forces in that order. However, they will be an increasing political disaster for the insurgency.

He’s been a vocal critic of the post-invasion strategy, so this shouldn’t be dismissed as more pro-war puffery. But, why should we listen to McCaffrey?

After all, he’s just a retired general.