Instapundit makes a good point about the Tony Snow appointment:

I tend to think of stories like this as mostly insider stuff. But I remember reading in Liberty magazine, back when Clinton appointed Mike McCurry as Press Secretary, that it was going to turn around Clinton’s fortunes with the press. And it kind of did. So who knows?

Yeah, that nails it.

I think we might be sitting in the low point of the Bush presidency. One day we may look back at Tony Snow’s appointment as press secretary as the turning point. Maybe we all don’t realize the damage meted by a lackluster press secretary. And haven’t things just really sucked for Bush ever since Ari Fleischer left? I’m sure Scott McClellan is a good man, but I’m not so sure he was the right man for the job.

I predict a witty, quick-thinking press secretary who can charm the Washington press corps will do wonders for Bush’s approval ratings. Time will tell.