Here’s a little pet peeve of mine from a Reuters article:

Bush’s poll numbers have languished below 40 percent in the last couple of months, hit by growing public opposition to the Iraq war, his support for a now-abandoned plan for a Dubai firm to take over major U.S. port operations and American anger over gas prices now topping $3 a gallon at the pump.

I’ve been reading offhanded mention of this “growing public opposition to the Iraq war” for a few months now. So, I did a little checking.

Here’s a report from the non-partisan Pew Research Center trust:

Overall public opinion about the war remains relatively stable. Roughly half of Americans (47%) believe the war was the right decision and the same number (47%) believes that the military effort is going very well (13%) or fairly well (34%). Attitudes on both of these measures have changed little since the start of the year.

This report came out four days ago.

So, where’s this “growing public opposition” originating? From the journalists sitting around the Reuters news desk, perhaps.