Check out Instapundit’s fantastic porkbuster roundup. He quotes this article from the Christian Science Monitor:

Remember Alaska’s “bridge to nowhere”? It’s about to be topped by what critics call Mississippi’s “railroad to nowhere,” which is quickly becoming the poster child for excessive spending by the Republican-controlled Congress.

The project, which was added to a $106.5 billion emergency defense spending bill in the Senate, would relocate a Gulf Coast rail line inland, to higher ground. Never mind that the hurricane-battered line was just repaired at a cost of at least $250 million. Or that at $700 million, the project championed by Mississippi’s two US senators is being called the largest “earmark” ever.

At this point, I’m rooting for the GOP to lose power in the next election. I don’t believe they can find their fiscally conservative roots in any other fashion. Unfortunately, I don’t think they can realistically lose the Senate or the House. Certainly, not the latter since they’ve gerrymandered all the seats into incumbent strongholds — a tactic once used exclusively by the Democrats.

On a similar note, Bush’s poll numbers are at a new low — 33 percent. Consider me one of the disappovers. If he’d veto one spending bill to try to instill some fiscal discipline on his party, I bet his numbers would shoot up 20 points. My opinion of him would certainly change for the better.