The lightning on the way back from the YMCA made one of the kids bring up the story of Ben Franklin and his kite experiment. I decided to give a little history lesson.

I told the kids that Franklin helped found our country and his efforts in France convinced that country to aid our fight against the British. I then noted that Franklin was honored on the $100 bill.

I asked if they knew what other non-U.S. president was on a bill of the United States. Silence. (They’re only 5 and 6.) So, I told them: Alexander Hamilton.

Who was he? Our first Secretary of the Treasury and the founder of the federal banking system.

And then I told them he was killed in a duel by our first vice president. They couldn’t believe it. Neither could I. Had to check wikipedia. Yep, I was right.

Aaron Burr. The man who added a surreal air to our nation’s early history.