Good post from Austin Bay on this Libby leak story.

The sudden press flap over Scooter Libby’s alleged “revelation” that President Bush declassified intelligence information related to Iraq is silly but all too predictable. The entire flap relies on mixing terms and “misunderstanding by innuendo” — a technique of demagoguery, not journalism. The flap is yet more evidence that the national press is more interested in playing “gotcha” with the Bush Administration than reporting the news.

Presidents and vice-presidents can declassify information based on their own good (or bad) judgment. That is a privilege and responsibility of the office. Their authority is near-absolute. Disseminating unclassified information isn’t a crime — no matter the technique used. The information can be disseminated at a press conference, in a press release, in a speech, or — yes– via leak.

That sounds about right.

By the way, who authorized the leaks about the intercepted Al Qaeda phone calls and the secret CIA jails? And where’s the press outrage about those leaks?

Well you see, there’s good leaks and there’s bad leaks…

(Hattip: Instapundit.)