Turns out those blogs that were shut down by the Chinese government last week were actually shut down by their authors. They said they wanted to make a point about how the media reported on China:

Within hours, English-language bloggers and Western news media spread the word that the Chinese government had closed the sites. The BBC news service reported that Massage Milk was “closed down by the authorities,” adding that the act had coincided with the annual session of the Chinese legislature. Picking up on that report and others from news services, French free-press group Reporters Without Borders issued a statement condemning the closure of the blogs.

Yep, just another case of the media printing as fact a ginormous assumption.

That said, this guy makes a good point:

“If some bloggers start crying wolf this way … nobody will listen to us when we try to support those who really need help. Censorship exists, as well as repression against Internet writers.”