I’ve been a little hesitant to blog about the job, because so many have gotten in trouble when their blogs conflicted with their jobs. But, my boss is pretty blog-friendly; in fact, here’s a link to her blog. She actually checked out this blog before agreeing to interview me. If you wondered why the political rantings seemed rather tame of late — there’s your answer.

Furthermore, here’s an excerpt from one of her recent posts:

Next up is WalMart. I WONT shop there. Wont is a very powerful word. It means that I could in fact do something, I just choose not to. Walmart wont do business ethically and seeks to create quite the facade through their advertising that they are in fact, contributing to society. This is accomplished by hiring sweet elderly people to greet me at the door, hiring illegal aliens to work a bazillion hours a week with no benefits and to top it off, buying products offshore that are made by little children with no shoes on their feet. How can one shop there and not feel guilty about feeding the WalMartavore?”

Given some of my earlier posts, you can see that we don’t see eye-to-eye on this issue. I, if you recall, love Wal-Mart.

And trust me, the political differences don’t end there. So, suffice it to say that I’ll be toning down my political rantings for the foreseeable future. No sense stirring up trouble.

As for the job, it’s awesome. I’m writing and editing, but can’t really talk more about it because we’re launching a new top-secret product.

Here’s what I can tell you: The break room sports Starbucks coffee. Plus, we grind our own coffee beans. But, we don’t use a regular grinder — we use a far-superior burr mill.

So, this is definitely the best job I’ve ever had — coffeewise.