Got this press release via email from my congressman today:

Congressman Tom Price (GA-06-R) recently introduced a resolution to amend the House Rules to attribute earmarks to their sponsoring Member of Congress. The resolution, introduced on January 31, 2006, currently has 50 cosponsors.

“The American people should be able to see who is spending their money and where it is going,” said Price. “Accountability is an inherent trait of a democratic society, and Congress has the responsibility to ensure that accountability. This is just one step in a process of reform which will assure that the trust of the taxpayers is well earned.”

Seems like a good sign. Instapundit says McCain’s going to introduce a new reform bill in the Senate. Not sure if this is the House counterpart or something entirely different. That’d be great if Price took a lead role on pork. He could start by eliminating it from his district.