Here’s an interesting tidbit from an article on Mattel toy company’s disappointing earnings:

Worldwide gross sales for Barbie and Hot Wheels declined 11 percent each. Two brands did show increases. Sales of American Girl brands climbed 12 percent, while Fisher-Price products rose 1 percent.

American Girl? That sounds familiar. Remember my post a few months ago about the Save Girlhood Web site. The tagline for that site was: “The way we see it, girls are growing up too fast.”

Well here’s what the Save Girlhood site says now:

Thank you for your interest in Save Girlhood. Although this promotion has ended, the concept of saving girlhood remains at the heart of everything American Girl stands for. And to help you continue encouraging girls to follow their own “inner star,” check out American Girl’s array of ideas, books, and products that teach, challenge, and inspire.

So Save Girlhood was just a marketing ploy developed by Mattel … the maker of Barbie. Certainly is ironic.

But, I suppose I should be happy. At least these American Girl dolls aren’t so entranced with fashion and are interested in following their “inner star” and being creative. Certainly better than this altnernative.

I guess this is a triumph for the free market. After all, Barbie sales are down and American Girl sales are up.