Very interesting post about women in our society. Here are some good bits:

You have got to be kidding me. In a world where everywhere you look – magazines, television, movies, billboards, newspapers, even adverts we get in our junk mail, how on earth could any woman fail to get the message? Women now have money, education, and some measure of power, yet the predominant images of us are not ones that reflect this ‘new reality’, whatever that may be, but an increasingly retrograde vision of femininity. One that is airbrushed, perfectly made up, surgically-enhanced, scantily-clad, and eternally hovering at an impossibly delectable nineteen years old. One that no woman with a job, a brain, or any adult responsibilities at all can possibly compete with. Not that this stops us from trying. Or from feeling inadequate when we fail…

… I wonder about this a lot. My daughter in law is extremely smart. So is my son, and she managed to snag him neatly. But the thing about her is this: she’s a blonde and when you first meet her, her intelligence is not at all apparent. She has a rather kittenish manner. It’s something I recognized about her almost immediately when I first met her: she conceals her intelligence in social situations. I recognized it because from the time I was in second grade I quickly learned to do the same thing if I wanted to get along with people. I put myself down. A lot.

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