Here’s a children’s book I stumbled across at the bookstore the other day. It’s called “Americans Who Tell the Truth.” Pretty neat, eh? Here’s the main profile page — lots of good names: Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln. Hey, I thought, great book for my kids.

But as I flipped through the pages I found some odd choices — Noam Chompsky and Molly Ivins. Hmm. Chompsky’s certainly got his detractors and isn’t Ivins just a Bush-hating syndicated columnist from Texas?

After a Google search, I discovered that Alan Derschowitz (not exactly a right-wing radical) already noticed this little tome. He wrote a nice piece about the book back in July:

Nor are all of Shetterly’s heroes paragons of truth. A recent book, The Anti-Chomsky Reader, documents the reality that Chomsky chronically “fabricates facts,” fakes figures, misquotes authorities, distorts data, plays “fast and loose with source material,” and engages in “blatant professional mendacity.” No wonder historian Arthur Schlesinger called Chomsky an intellectual crook.” Noam Chomsky is not an “American who tells the truth,” and brainwashing children to believe that he is constitutes a form of literary child abuse …

What do most of these “truth tellers” (especially the contemporaries among them) have in common? They hate the United States and its allies and blame the ills of the world on them. They support tyrannical left-wing regimes. They are selective in their condemnations. And they abuse the truth to serve their hard-left ideologies.

Well said.