So I finally saw “What the Bleep Do We Know.” It was certainly kooky, but I must admit I was entertained. I agree with one of the main precepts — that we know very little about what’s really going on in this universe.

An example I often cite (although it wasn’t in the film) is of the Accelerating Universe. It’s quite a concept. We all know that the universe is expanding, but it’s not slowing down. It’s accelerating — expanding faster and faster. What, praytell, could possibly be causing that?

The film had a whole bunch of similar nutty observations about quantum mechanics, perceived realities and whatnot. It was thoroughly thought provoking.

Unfortunately, I’d heard of some controversy regarding the movie, so I decided to read its wikipedia entry. Major buzzkill. Many of the experts cited in the film are whackadoos eccentrics. And, the predominant woman interviewed is actually channelling a 35,000 year-old mystic warrior from — wait for it — Atlantis.

So, if you can ignore all that, I’d say it was a pretty good film. Hey, maybe they’re all right. What the bleep do we know?