A Republican campaign staffer suggested in tonight’s episode of The West Wing that his candidate may receive an endorsement from the New York Times. First off, that’s an incredibly ridiculous statement. The NY Times would never endorse a Republican. Never. Secondly, only a liberal Hollywood writer would believe that that a Republican would wish to garner said endorsement from the NY Times. (In all fairness, I think the next line was something like “… a kiss of death to a conservative.”)

I enjoy watching The West Wing just to see how Hollywood writers perceive Republicans. This year’s show will feature the presidential race between Democrat Jimmy Smits and Republican Alan Alda. (The only time in history that the words “Republican” and “Alan Alda” have ever been placed side-by-side.)

I think its pretty clear that the Republican candidate is going to win the election — after all, he’s pro-choice and he hates religion. If this Republican can’t win a nationwide election in a Hollywood writer’s mind, then no one Republican can.

Of course, it’d be lot to stomach actually giving the White House to the GOP, so maybe we’ll see Smits in office after all.