Rosa Parks died yesterday. She was 92.

I’ve always remembered what Robert Fulghum wrote about Parks in his book “It Was on Fire When I Laid Down on It”:

… Rosa Parks. Not an activist or a radical. Just a quiet, conservative, churchgoing woman with a nice family and a decent job as as a seamstress. For all the eloquent phrases that have been turned about her place in the flow of history, she did not get on that bus looking for trouble or trying to make a statement. Going home was all she had in mind, like everybody else. She was anchored to her seat by her own dignity. Rosa Parks simply wasn’t going to be a “nigger” for anybody anymore. And all she knew to do was to sit still…

… I imagine the moment when she signs in with the angel at the pearly gates in heaven. “Ah, Rosa Parks, we’ve been expecting you. Make yourself at home — take any seat in the house.”

Take any seat in the house.