Conservatives appear underwhelmed by Bush’s choice of Harriet Miers to sit on the Supreme Court. Instapundit has a nice roundup of views. Here’s an interesting point from the other side (Talking Points Memo):

First, not being a judge, in itself, doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me. Many law profs who get nominated to the bench have never been judges. And more relevant to this case, there’s been a reasonably broad bipartisan call in recent years to get ‘a politician’ on the Court. And the whole point, in that case, is that the person not come from the bench or even be too deeply entrenched in the legal profession. Finally, as we’ve seen, pretty often it turns out that these nominees have only been circuit court judges for maybe a year or two prior to their appointment. And in the grand scheme of things, that amounts to little more than a bit of batting practice before going up to the plate.