Here’s the text of Al Gore’s speech that he delivered this morning to a conference in New York. In it, he argues:

But some extremely important elements of American Democracy have been pushed to the sidelines. And the most prominent casualty has been the “marketplace of ideas” that was so beloved and so carefully protected by our Founders. It effectively no longer exists.

Al Gore just gave a speech this morning in New York. I just read it in Georgia. I’m now commenting that I think Al Gore is crazy.

Doesn’t that show that the marketplace of ideas is working pretty well?

The former vice president says democracy is in “grave danger.” I think it’s more vibrant than ever. That’s a marketplace of ideas.

Gore talks about feeling like he’s living in an “alternate universe.” I agree. How can he say that we’re suffering from a lack of discourse in this country? At no time in history have so many people had access to so much information and possess the power to widely disseminate their own thoughts and ideas.

I think Gore confuses a lack of people agreeing with his views as a lack of public discourse.