The Taipei Times reports that Google lists Taiwan as a province of China on its map site.

Of course, Taiwan isn’t a province of China, a fact that this lawmaker is happy to point out: “Taiwan has never been ruled by China, nor has the Chinese government deployed any government functionaries or armed forces here.”

Unforunately, Google is following President Bush’s lead. In 2003, he appeased the Chinese by reprimanding Taiwan for discussing a formal vote of independence. That move brought this rebuke from William Kristol:

The president’s statement today is a mistake. Appeasement of a dictatorship simply invites further attempts at intimidation. Standing with democratic Taiwan would secure stability in East Asia. Seeming to reward Beijing’s bullying will not.

The words could easily apply to Google. They should refer to Taiwan as what it is — an indepedent state. Google has gained quite a reputation for poking fun at President Bush. If they disagree with the president so much, perhaps they should stop standing beside him.